Pre-order/Backorder Info

When items are labled as pre-order or backorder, they are not available for immediate dispatch, as they may not have been released or produced yet. Pre-order is a way to secure your purchase of items in-demand or items with limited availibility.

Due to the handling process of pre-ordering, we are subjects to limits that are out of our control:

  • The release dates are indicative only. While we strive to adhere to these timelines, unforeseen changes and postponements may occur. We will keep you updated to the best of our ability.
  • We will make every effort but cannot gurantee 100% fullfillment of pre-orders due to potential unforeseen issues with our suppliers. In this unlikely situation, we will dispatch according to order received time and issue full refund promptly to orders we cannot fullfill.
  • The price for pre-ordered items may be subject to change if the manufacturer adjusts their pricing. Rest assured, you will be charged no more than the amount at which you placed your pre-order. However, placing your order earlier could lead to greater savings.

Payment and cancellation

Full payment is required at the time of placing pre-orders or backorders. Please note that once placed, pre-orders and backorders cannot be refunded or cancelled.